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Washington Beer, Wine, & Liquor Law

Washington Liquor Law Attorney

Are you looking for legal consultation from someone who has actually held a Basic Permit, and Washington State Liquor Control Board liquor license?

Alcoholic beverage licenses are required by every jurisdiction where the sale of alcoholic beverages such as liquor, beer, and wine is permitted. Each state has its own liquor licensing requirements. Wholesalers, Distributors, importers, and manufacturers including vineyards, wineries, distilleries, and breweries require a federal permit in addition to the state requirements. A liquor license attorney or an alcohol licensing laywer is an attorney who assist clients in obtaining alcoholic beverage licenses or permits in the states where the liquor, beer or wine permit or alcoholic beverage license is being sought by the client either at the retail, wholesale, manufacturing or importing level. Competent legal advice on alcoholic beverage licensing matters can greatly beneficial to the client whose business depends upon the sale or liquor, beer or wine.

Currently, my law office conducts an active liquor law practice. I represent producers, wholesalers, importers, and distributors of alcoholic beverages in licensing, compliance, regulatory and legislative issues. I also represent retailers, and other hospitality providers in liquor license matters.

While many liquor license applications are approved by the Washington State Liquor Control Board ( the WSLCB ) without a hitch, certain factors may delay your approval or be cause for rejection. These factors include incomplete applications, inadequate disclosure of finances or ownership, a criminal history for the applicant, multi-state operations, hidden ownership and others. I can help you evaluate your situation and discuss potential problems and possible solutions. My goal is to help you obtain and retain your liquor license.

Prior to entering the field of law, I owned a wine and spirits import company and wine distributorship right here in Washington State. I have a thorough understanding of the rules, laws and requirements including the application process, reporting requirements, and labeling requirements. Additionally, I also have practical experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry as the former owner of a French bistrot.

For wholesalers of alcholic beverages including wine, beer, and spirits importers, wineries, distilleries, breweries, and distributors, I can also assist you with applying for your Basic Permit, and with compliance with federal labeling requirements. Let me put my past experience to work for you today.

For those of you who are doing research for your vineyard, winery, distillery, brewery, or tied-house issues, I recommend the following links:

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